How The Milwaukee Bucks Make The NBA Finals

Currently the Bucks are seeded 7th in the East and many might wonder what I’m smoking to suggest the Bucks could make the NBA finals this year. Well check out the not so crazy scenario for yourself…

How The Milwaukee Bucks Make The NBA Finals

Like we just said the Milwaukee Bucks are currently seeded 7th in the Eastern Conference. That means as of today the Bucks would draw the 2nd seeded Boston Celtics in the first round. Now 6 weeks ago Boston was looking like the the favorite to come out the East. Now today as it sits the Boston Celtics are completely banged up. Obviously Gordon Hayward is out for the season but thats at the moment the least of the health problems in Boston. Kyrie Irving, Jaylen Brown and Marcus Smart are all out with injuries. Note that all should be ready by the playoffs but would have an understandable rust on them. Brad Stevens would have to fit those main pieces back in there spots and hope they can hit the ground running.

The point about Boston is right now the Celtics look vulnerable. A series with the Celtics is winnable for a healthy Bucks team. Especially the way Jabari Parker is looking in limited mins currently. The Bucks have 4 players on the roster good enough to average 20 points per game. If lasts years Rookie Of The Year Malcom Brogdon can return and be in form the Bucks are a problem for Boston and any other team in the Eastern Conference.

So if the Bucks can take down the Celtics in the first round they would then be forced to face the Legend that is King James a.k.a. LeBron James in the second. The Cleveland Cavaliers have had the most roster changes over the course of this season that I can remember for a team in recent years. The Cavs are constently trying to get things together and Tyronn Lue desperately is still seeking a consistent rotation. With the injuries the Cavs have currently, Lebron’s looming free agency and the fact the current roster has still never played with Kevin Love, the Bucks again find themselves in the middle of a perfect storm!

Yes imagine things falling apart for the Cavs by game 5 or 6. LeBron James screaming at his team and coach as the frustration and reality of losing becomes to much. The entire city of Cleveland looks in fear as The King starts to check out mentally and prepare of join his 2 homes in Los Angeles this summer. It could very well happen that the Bucks knock off a spirit broken Cleveland team. Ginnas giving LeBron his final farewell out the Eastern Conference and snatching the torch as the East’s best player!

At that moment the world would be dealing with the reality of what the East is without LeBron James. The 1st seeded Toronto Raptors after knocking off the Miami Heat and Washington Wizards in way to an easy path to the Eastern Conference finals, would now face the Milwaukee Bucks. Many would remember the Raptors knocked out the Bucks in 6 games last year. But this year is different.

How The Milwaukee Bucks Make The NBA Finals

The Milwaukee Bucks come of age and grow up in the playoffs against the Celtics and Cavs lead by one of the best 5 man lineups in the Leauge. Giannis Antetokounmpo, Jabari Parker, Khris Middleton, Malcolm Brogdon and Eric Bledsoe. In a thrilling and exciting 7 game series that gives the league a little hope for the Eastern Conference. The Bucks pull off the upset in Toronto and leave a heartbroken Drake crying on the sideline!

This is How The Milwaukee Bucks Make The NBA Finals…

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