Milwaukee Bucks Defeat New York Knicks 115-102 without Greek Freak

The Milwaukee Bucks soundly defeated the Knicks in a game that was much closer than it should have been for three quarters. Then in the fourth quarter, the Bucks stepped it up and went on a run to win the game. This game was very good considering the Bucks were without star player Giannis Antetokounmpo.

Before the game had started we knew the game would not be filled with athletic dunks and unthinkable plays after Giannis Antetokounmpo was announced to be Out for the game with a sore ankle. Malcolm Brogdon was thought to make a return but before the game that was found to be false as Malcolm was ruled out. Other players out included Matthew Dellavedova (Right Ankle Sprain), Sterling Brown (Personal), and Shabazz Muhammad (Right Ankle Sprain).

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Early in the first quarter Tony Snell collided with John Henson and immediately went down in pain. Luckily, veteran Jason Terry came in and took his 3 and D spot in the lineup. Immediately, Terry gave the Bucks a light in the dark, splashing two threes, and helping the Bucks go on a 12-4 run. Late in the first quarter, Snell returned to the bench and it was announced he would try to return to the game at some time. At the end of the quarter, John Henson led the team with eight points mostly off the hook shot Bucks fans know him for.

In the second quarter, Tony Snell returned but flashes of mental mistakes from the Nets game showed again and by the final minutes of the quarter the Bucks were down by 5 points. The Bucks looked gassed and tired while not displaying much effort but that changed when the Bucks regained the lead. In contrast, careless turnovers gave the Knicks a two-point lead to end the half. Again John Henson leads the crowd with 15 points and 8 rebounds. It was obvious at the half that the Bucks would need more help from their stars to win the game.

In the third quarter, the Bucks looked lost on defense and a lack of effort showed at many times. A flash was shown when the Bucks blocked a shot three times on a fastbreak, but they still looked like they were not putting much into the game. Jason Terry looked energized and had nine points and a steal that turned into a fastbreak dunk for Tony Snell. Energy and shooting began to heat up with a few minutes left in the third and the Bucks turned a deficit into a three-point lead going into the fourth quarter.

Luke Kornet hit two long threes early in the fourth quarter and in the blink of an eye, the game was tied. Unsurprisingly, Jarrett Jack had other plans splashing a three that put the Bucks down one. Jack had been a problem all game and recorded a season-high to lead the Knicks. After a Bledsoe steal and kick to Snell the Bucks were up by four. That would turn into six as Bledsoe hit two free throws with four minutes left in the game.

With a little less than two minutes left in the game, the Bucks had a 12 point lead on a 15-2 run. By the end of the game, all starters were in double figures and the KE of KEG had 44 points combined. This win gives the Bucks full game advantage over Wizards in the 7th seed.

Milwaukee Bucks Defeat New York Knicks 115-102 without Greek Freak

Milwaukee Bucks Defeat New York Knicks 115-102 without Greek Freak