Bucks Beat Down Boston Celtics 116-92

The Milwaukee Bucks flipped the switch on the Boston Celtics beat them by 24 points. All of the past problems the Bucks faced suddenly disappeared and fell onto the Boston Celtics. This game was much needed as no team has ever come back from down 3-0. Now down 2-1, the Bucks have a chance to tie the series in Milwaukee and even win the series in Milwaukee if they win out.  

Milwaukee Bucks Beat Down Boston Celtics 116-92

The Milwaukee Bucks began the game off to a blazing hot start. All cylinders including the bench, Jabari Parker, And Eric (Drew?) Bledsoe were clicking. In addition, Thon Maker had a beastly first quarter recording 4 blocks off the bench. For most of the season, Thon had been limited by injuries or just not playing. The 21-year-old athletic freak was born in South Sudan but later moved to Australia. The Bucks defense was stifling as the Bucks held the Celtics to 12 total points in the first quarter. This defense extended into the second quarter as the Celtics were held to 35 points in the first half. One thing many people were watching in this series was the tense rivalry between Eric Bledsoe and Terry Rozier. Throughout the game, Bledsoe got the better of Terry Rozier, unlike both games in Boston.

In the second quarter, the Bucks gave up about as many points as they did in the entire first half. The Bucks luckily scored enough points to match the Celtics and maintained a 20 point lead. The highlight of the game, series, and maybe even year with the murder of Aaron Baynes with a breathtaking dunk that will be seen on SportsCenter soon. The Bucks ended the quarter not losing a monumental amount of lead to be noticeable. To begin the last quarter Giannis Antetokounmpo, who had been quiet with 19 pts, gained two fouls and sat the bench for the remaining of the game. Jabari Parker, after saying he was displeased with minutes, got a fair share of minutes and capitalized on the minutes having his best game of the season.

With a 25 point lead, the second team players entered the game and finished the deal. One of these players is Brandon Jennings, who is quite familiar with Bucks playoffs. A very pleasant surprise turned out to be the emergence of a sharpshooting defensive monster that is Thon Maker. To end the game the Bucks beat the Celtics by 24. Many players showed up and the beatdown of the Celtics did not see one Bucks player score over 23 points. In conclusion, the win was not single player centered, but a whole team win.

By: Weston Olds

Milwaukee Bucks Beat Down Boston Celtics 116-92