Mike Budenholzer’s Dog House

As of January 20, 2019 these four members of the Milwaukee Bucks find themselves in Coach Buds Dog House! This post is not at all meant to question or direst a man thats already proven himself to be a great Bucks coach. As of this date the Bucks currently have the best record in the NBA and the roster is performing like never seen before.

Mike Budenholzer's Dog House

Rookie Donte Divincenzo finds himself unable to make much of an impression so far this season as playing time has been limited since the start of the regular season. He’s bouncing back and forth from the Bucks to the Wisconsin Herd so that he can get some in game, on court action in.

Jason Smith came over with George Hill in the trade that send Matthew Dellavedova and John Henson to Cleveland. The trade was designed to shed cap space and provide the Bucks with much needed flexibility in this summers free agent market. Smith was basically a throw in and a player that made the cap numbers work to pull off the deal and has been a bench warming cheer leader so far and unable to clock any mins but garbage time ones.

Christian Wood dominated Summer League and the NBA D Leauge but has not been able to find a fair chance to see if his performances could be duplicated in real NBA action with this Milwaukee Bucks team. Fans love whenever he gets on the court but is still waiting to be unleashed and let out of Coach buds Dig House.

Pat Connaughton looked like a solid signing this offseason for the Bucks. Pat played some good mins for the Portland Trailblazers last season providing defense, hustle and outside shooting. So far with the Bucks his performance has been up and down and its lead to Coach Bud placing him in the Dog House and only pulling him out from time to time only send him right back into it after blown assignments and air balls.