Exit: Bradley Center, Enter: Fiserv Forum – New Stadium, Same Soul.

For mid-October it was really, really cold outside. Though over two decades ago, I remember my first Bucks game vividly down to the slush I jumped into as we approached the Bradley Center. I went with my dad for my seventh birthday, and at that time
the Bucks had the soon to be legend Ray Allen, along with other greats such as Sam Cassel and Glen Robinson. Even though the Bucks didn’t make it far that season, it didn’t matter. For me I felt as if I was among a community of people who had pride in not only these amazing players, but the city itself seemed to come alive. The people cheering added an enthusiasm I’ve never felt before and the arena lights were just as enticing.

Now, it is 20 years later and that boy outside of the Bradley Center is now a man outside of the Fiserv Forum. I’m amazed at the structural beauty of the new arena, adding more anticipation for this upcoming season. However, it is not only about the building that has Milwaukee eager to fill the new arena seats. With an exciting roster of young talent lead by Giannis, the Bucks have once again become competitors in the league for years to come.

Exit: Bradley Center, Enter: Fiserv Forum

The Milwaukee Bucks have been around since 1968, and they, like the city itself have had their share of ups and downs. One thing however hasn’t changed, and that’s hope within the community. No matter what the record was, Bucks fans always seemed to show up eagerly to represent their pride. With that determination and patience, it seems that our time is now! Go Bucks Go!

Exit: Bradley Center, Enter: Fiserv Forum

By Cesar Cornier