Bucks N’ Brewers: Milwaukee Symmetry

I would assert that it is fair to assume that most Bucks fan are Brewers fans
as well. I know I am. As the Brewers were playing a crucial Game 6 in the National
League Championship Series, I couldn’t help but to check in on the Bucks home
opener during the commercials of the Brewers. As I switched back and forth
between the two channels I couldn’t help but realize that the Bucks team is built very
similarly to the Brewers. Look at the similarities. The Bucks were bounced from the
playoffs in the first round last year. The Brewers were one game away from the
playoffs, and likely would have suffered the same fate. Both teams knew they were
very close to the next tier of competition, and both signed multiple free agents the
following offseason.

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The Bucks signed Ersan Ilyasova, a solid veteran player who started his NBA
career as a Buck. The Brewers signed Lorenzo Cain, a solid veteran player who
began his career as a Brewer. The Bucks added Brook Lopez, a player who put up
great numbers on a bad team, the Nets, and is therefore overlooked. He averaged
18.7 points per game over the last 10 seasons, and has never played on a serious
team with a great system like the Bucks. The Brewers added Christian Yelich, a
player that put up good numbers for a bad team, the Marlins, and was therefore
overlooked. His career batting average is 290, excluding this past year with the
Brewers. Averaging almost 19 points per game in the NBA is very similar to batting
290 in the MLB. Both were very solid contributors but not the cornerstones of their
teams, Lopez being overshadowed by Deron Williams, Joe Johnson, and Deangelo
Russell, and Yelich being overshadowed by Giancarlo Stanton and Marcell Ozuna.


In addition to the offseason acquisitions, both teams were not considered
serious contenders. ESPN’s preseason predictions for the 2018 MLB season, ranked
the Brewers tenth, behind the Cubs and Cardinals. They predicted we would have a
record of 85-77 and would likely miss the playoffs. Contrary to experts predictions,
we fended off a late season push byn the Cardinals and chased down the $200
million payroll Cubs, defeating them in an extra Game 163 to win the Central Division.
We proved everybody wrong by finishing 96-67 and taking the NLCS to 7 games. A
similar rating was given to the Bucks during ESPN’s preseason NBA predictions. They
slotted the Bucks as the 9th best team in the league, predicting a 47-35 season and
an early round exit in the playoffs. Not only is this prediction wrong, it’s frankly
insulting. This team added several exciting pieces through free agency and the draft,
but it’s most important acquisition was Mike Budenholzer, the new coach. Coach Bud
is exactly the steady hand we need to guide this team deep into the playoffs. I
strongly believe the Bucks absolutely have what it takes to make it the the Eastern
Conference Finals, the equivalent depth that the Brewers made it to.

Bucks N’ Brewers: Milwaukee Symmetry

Bucks N’ Brewers: Milwaukee Symmetry
by Nguyen61Photography Milwaukee Skyline

No matter what sport we’re competing in, Milwaukee teams will always be
underdogs. We will never have the same spotlights as the Cubs or Bulls, but we have
something far more valuable: a community of fans that are passionate about
Milwaukee sports. We love our Bucks and we love our Brewers. In fact, the Bucks
exciting season starting is the only thing bringing me out of my post NLCS
depression. Ultimately, the only difference I see this year between the Bucks season
and Brewers season is that I believe the Bucks will win the Eastern Conference Final
and make it to the NBA Finals, one step further than the Brewers made it during their
great run. If the Bucks don’t make it, at least I’ll still have the Brewers to pick me up.
-Go Bucks (and Brewers)!
By: Brad Bosak