Bucks Lose To Orlando 126-117

The Bucks go into Orlando to face one of the worst teams in the NBA. Coming into this game the Magic had old 20 wins, now thanks to the Bucks they get win number 21.

As for the Bucks they blow an opportunity to move up in the standings and inch close to the 5th spot. Instead they blow a game to a lottery team as once again they play down to there competition.

Bucks Lose To Orlando

Bucks Lose To Orlando

Ginnas scores 38 points, grabs 11 rebounds and records 7 assists in 40 mins. Middleton contributed 22 points as Bledsoe added 20 points of his own.

On the other side ex Spur Jonathan Simmons scored 35 points and D.J. Augustin scores a carrier high 32. The Magic hit 18 three pointers and answered every time the Bucks attempted to make a run. The result is the Bucks Lose To Orlando 126-117.

The Bucks host the Hawks on Saturday at 5pm at the BMO Bradley Center.