Bango’s Minute – December 9th, 2018

Hello Everybody! Welcome back to the second edition of Bango’s Minute. There was great response on the first one, and I am ready to bring you all of the news, from this week, in the world of the Bucks. Today, I am introducing two more segments as well! Don’t forget, every week there will be a question of the week and a fans vision.This week, we need more responses! Send all of your responses to for a chance to be featured on the next edition of Bango’s minute.


This Week: 4/5 Stars

Off of the Court – Bucks FUN FACTS:

Welcome to the first of two new segments… Bucks Fun Facts! In this week’s issue, we have wack facts about the Greek Freak, Giannis Antetokounmpo

Number 1 – Athletic Siblings:

Giannis has four brothers; Francis (European Soccer Player), Thenasis (European Basketball Player), Kostas (Dallas Mavericks), and Alexandros (Dominican Knights, HS in Wisconsin).

Number 2 – American Food!

Giannis has been posting hilarious things on social media, about him trying American food. He started out praising “American Red Kool Aid”. He said, “Just had my first sip of American Red Kool Aid while watching the game. It’s extremely tasty. America stay blessed.” There was also the time he was thankful for having corn dogs his life. “Just tried a corndog for the first time…Man God Bless America!” Giannis also took to Twitter in 2014, after he tried a smoothie for the first time. “I just taste for the first time a smoothie..MAN GOD BLESS AMERICA.”

Number 3 – Greece:

Giannis was born in Athens, Greece. When he was young, his and his brothers had to sell watches, toys, and other things, just to support his family.

Number 4 – Freakish Athleticism:

The Greek Freak, is a Freak of Nature! He is 6’11”, and can play almost any position, not to mention his 12’2” vertical. Giannis has 12” hands! Only Boban of the Clippers has bigger hands than him! Giannis is super Athletic on top of that. No one can stop the Freak!

Number 5 – NBA Accolades

Giannis has won many awards so far in his promising career. In 2017 and 2018, he was put on the All-NbA Second Team. He has won Player of the Month twice, and Player of the Week five times! In 2014, he was on All-Rookie Second Team. In 2017 he took Most Improved Player, and a spot on All-Defensive Second Team. He even won the fan vote for 2017-18 Dunk of the Year!

On the Block – Bucks Rumors:

What’s going on with Khris Middleton? Coach Bud sat Khris Middleton during (nearly) the entire 4th Quarter and Overtime Period in the Buck’s OT loss at the Garden. Coach Bud, said that this was due to Khris’s lack of defense. Khris did not play against Detroit, but there are rumors floating around that there is currently lots of tension between Khris and the staff. He played against the Warriors at home on Friday Night.

Transaction Rundown:

December 7 – Bucks, Wizards, and Cavs Make Cap-Space Moves

Bucks Receive – G George Hill, F Jason Smith, Wash 2nd Round Pick

Bucks Trade – C John Henson, G Matthew Dellavedova, 2021 1st Round Pick, 2021 2nd Round Pick

Wizard Receive – F Sam Dekker

Wizards Trade – F Jason Smith, 2nd Round Pick

Cavaliers Receive – G Matthew Dellavedova, C John Henson, 2021 Mil 1st Round Pick, 2021 Mil 2nd Round Pick

Cavaliers Trade – G George Hill, F Sam Dekker

Question of the Week:

What do you think of the Milwaukee Bucks getting involved in this trade?

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Fan’s Vision

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Fan’s Vision:

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Bucks Stories:

The Evolution of the Bucks-and our Nike Jerseys.

Ever since Nike took over the job of making the jerseys for all NBA teams last season, the Milwaukee Bucks have been wearing some pretty cool threads. First off, Nike renamed our home and away jerseys, Icon and Association. Our home jerseys, white with the word “Bucks” on the front, and our green away jerseys, reading “Milwaukee”. Nike’s next move was to release three jerseys throughout the season. Our Classic Jerseys, a nice mixture of some of our older jerseys from the twentieth century, our Statement Jerseys, black with our logo on the front, and the 2017-18 city jersey. The City Jersey (which we now have a new edition of) for that season was called “The Cream City Jersey”. The jersey was all cream, with the stripes of our team’s colors running through it. This season, we have not got another look at the Classic Jersey yet, and we have showed off our new City Edition. This year’s nickname “The MECCA” (Milwaukee Exposition, Convention Center and Arena). The jersey features some of the team’s colors from the old court on the MECCA, which they actually made a return to last season! The new Milwaukee Bucks jerseys, provided by Nike, are an art form!

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This Weeks Stats:

Here are the games the Bucks played in this week:

Wednesday, December 5th:
Detroit Pistons @ Bucks

Halftime: 56-45 Milwaukee Bucks

Final: 115-92 Milwaukee Bucks


Bucks – Eric Bledsoe

27 Points, 10/17 FG, 5/5 FT

Pistons – Blake Griffin

31 Points, 11/22 FG, 5/6 FG


Bucks – Brook Lopez

8 Rebounds, 8 DREB, 0 OREB

Pistons – Stanley Johnson

9 Rebounds, 6 DREB, 3 OREB


Bucks – Matthew Dellavedova

6 Assists, 3 Turnover, 20 Minutes

Pistons – Reggie Jackson

5 Assists, 1 Turnover, 24 Minutes

Team Stats:

Field Goal %

Bucks – 46.3%

Pistons – 36.8%

Three Point %

Bucks – 34.1 %

Pistons – 23.7 %


Bucks – 16

Pistons – 20


Bucks – 46

Pistons – 51

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Wednesday, November 28th – Golden State Warriors @ Bucks

Halftime: 51-57 Golden State Warriors

Final: 95-105 Golden State Warriors


Bucks – Giannis Antetokonumpo

22 Points, 8/13 FG, 6/9 FT

Warriors – Klay Thompson

20 Points, 8/16 FG, 0/0 FG


Bucks – Giannis Antetokonumpo

15 Rebounds, 11 DREB, 4 OREB

Warriors – Andre Iguodala

8 Rebounds, 8 DREB, 0 OREB


Bucks – Giannis Antetokonumpo

5 Assists, 4 Turnover, 34 Minutes

Warriors – Stephen Curry

8 Assists, 3 Turnover, 36 Minutes

Team Stats:

Field Goal %

Bucks – 39.1%

Warriors – 44.9 %

Three Point %

Bucks – 17.9%

Warriors – 41.3 %


Bucks – 19

Warriors – 18


Bucks – 63

Warriors – 50

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